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Last update: 04/12/2009 07:40

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DEV03 Advanced Automated Deinstallation Procedures with WarpIN

Thursday 14:00 Bochum
Friday 15:00 Bochum

When deinstalling software with WarpIN, the user is required to select the respective packages to be uninstalled within the WarpIN GUI. A deinstallation can be automated with the so-called CID feature only when the response file is being created by the user, from the original WarpIN installation archive file. Although currently not designed and implemented, WarpIN could easily deinstall installed packages without the above limitations, as the WarpIN database already contains everything required. This session shows how already today one can make WarpIN automatically deinstall any package at any time, without requiring any user interaction except for double-clicking an icon and answering a security prompt, and without the need for the original WarpIN archive file.