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Last update: 04/12/2009 07:40

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APP04 SMPlayer and MPlayer — a Multimedia Playback Solution

Thursday 12:00 Stralsund
Friday 15:00 Stralsund

The combination of the Qt-based SMPlayer GUI frontend and the MPlayer command line player provides OS/2 and eComStation users with a decent solution for multimedia playback, including support for DVDs, CDs, SVCDs, VCDs, a wide range of video and audio formats and codecs, and streaming.

Besides giving an introduction to using the basic features like DVD and file playback, this session also explains and demonstrates more advanced usage like switching between different audio tracks to select other languages, selecting subtitles, and adjusting subtitle size and color.

Thanks to the progress of the project to port Qt4 to OS/2 and eComStation, an up-to-date version of SMPlayer is used.