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WSH01 The Web Site and the Vexatious Law — An Overwiew, Also to the Internet Law

Thursday 11:00 Rügen
Friday 10:00 Rügen
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The workshop with its four parts offers a choice of the points of contact between a web site and German law. As an overwiew with examples it refers to normal users as well as to personnel of the internet branch. It is not a legal scientific examination. The four parts depend partly on each other. Their titles are:

  1. Legal basics to web sites and Internet law in general, special information requirements on a web site due to German law
  2. Basics on the liabilities due to private law and a look at the provisions of domains
  3. Unfair web sites, overview of the legal liabilities against unfair commercial practises and of trademark law. Meta tags, Google Adwords, etc.
  4. Copyright law, hyperlinks, legal warnings

According to the subject (German law) the workshop is held in German language.