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ALL01 The Perspectives of eComStation in 2010

Friday 14:00 Stralsund
Thursday 11:00 Stralsund

After a look back at the developments in 2009, a plan of action for 2010 and how to improve eComStation is dicussed. Furthermore, frequent issues like getting medium to large applications, requirements for eComStation, overcoming barriers, and ways for attracting new users are covered.

ALL02 Virtualisation Possibilities Both on eCS and for eCS on Other Platforms

Thursday 14:00 Stralsund
Friday 11:00 Stralsund

Ed will present on virtualisation options for OS/2 and eComStation and cover OS/2 virtualisation applications from the past, that came and went and the current options, both eCS hosted and options to host eCS on other platforms. Given the continuing fight that we have supporting ever changing hardware, virtualisation may be the answer. Virtualisation presents a basic and non-changing...

ALL03 Create your personal OS/2 - eComStation DVD

Thursday 10:00 Stralsund
Friday 16:15 Stralsund

After a short introduction the UPDCD Program of Zsolt Kádár is discussed. The first part describes the installation of the program and other useful helper applications, on both native and virtual systems. During the second part, a short introduction of the installed program is given, programming issues will not be discussed. Finally the third part will inform about some of the many ways to...

ALL04 eComStation 2.0 and Beyond

Friday 17:15 Stralsund
Thursday 16:15 Bochum

Das Mensys-Team stellt den aktuellen Status von eComStation und einen Fahrplan für zukünftige Entwicklungen vor.

ALL05 10 Years of Warpstock Europe

Friday 18:30 Stralsund

This retrospection takes a look at what happened over the last 10 years of Warpstock Europe. See how it all began, where events took place, etc.

ALL06 Printing from eCS to Current Printers

Thursday 17:15 Bochum
Friday 16:15 Bochum

It will be shown how to print to a current printer without having an OS/2 printer driver available but using VirtualBox, a virtualized Window, and a current printer connected to a print server.

ALL07 Open Discussion About eComStation 2.0 GA

Saturday 15:00 Stralsund
No presentation handouts available yet

Development of eComStation 2.0 is taking much longer than originally anticipated. This moderated discussion is an opportunity to talk directly with those involved, to ask questions and get some answers, and also get to know the other side of some stories.

APP01 MD5 Message Digest, Uses and Programs

Friday 10:00 Bochum
Saturday 10:00 Stralsund

Currently MD5 checksums are included with many programs to check on data correctness. These checksums are also included on the eCS CD. This presentation will give some background information about the MD5 message digest algorithm, its uses and shortcomings. It will also touch on where MD5 checksums are currently used and how to use them. Finally a number of programs avialable to the OS/2 comunity...

APP02 Dynamically Tuning the JFS Cache for Your Job

Thursday 16:15 Stralsund
Saturday 12:00 Stralsund

During several years IBM ported the Journaled File System (JFS) from AIX (JFS1) to more generic code (JFS2) for the OS/2 4.5 (1999) and Linux kernels (2001). The OS/2 4.5 port of JFS was accompanied by a Logical Volume Manager (LVM) to solve several OS/2-specific problems like use of drive letters and the lack of a dynamic Unix-like Virtual File System (VFS). The JFS2 code was also modified...

APP03 SearchPlus an Update

Thursday 15:00 Stralsund
Friday 12:00 Stralsund

During Warpstock 2008 a new search program SearchPlus was demonstrated. This program which use multiple threads and parallel disk access to search for files using multiple search criteria including attributes, extended attribute names etc, has incoporated a number of suggestions that were made after the initial release at Warpstock last year. This presentation, by the author, will give a brief...

APP04 SMPlayer and MPlayer — a Multimedia Playback Solution

Thursday 12:00 Stralsund
Friday 15:00 Stralsund

The combination of the Qt-based SMPlayer GUI frontend and the MPlayer command line player provides OS/2 and eComStation users with a decent solution for multimedia playback, including support for DVDs, CDs, SVCDs, VCDs, a wide range of video and audio formats and codecs, and streaming. Besides giving an introduction to using the basic features like DVD and file playback, this session also...

APP05 New applications for eComStation

Saturday 11:00 Stralsund
Thursday 12:00 Bochum
No presentation handouts available yet

The presentation provides an overview of new applications for eComStation that have been created by eCo Software during 2009, including applications, utilities, and widgets. Afterwards, ways of selecting new projects and achieving success on the eCS market are discussed.

APP06 Pimp up Your eComStation

Friday 10:00 Stralsund
Saturday 14:00 Bochum

A number of small but useful tools for eComStation is presented:Ultima Visual SolutionsNice-OS/2 for eComStationAlt-F1Gadgets

LAN01 Internet networking: A closer look

Thursday 17:15 Stralsund
Saturday 14:00 Stralsund

IP based networks are used everywhere. In this presentation we will have a closer look at the design of TCP/IP, we will see what an IP stack has to do in an operating system and we will learn how to analyze and debug existing networks.

DEV01 The USB I/O-Board VELLEMAN K8055 Working with eCS

Friday 14:00 Bochum
Saturday 12:00 Bochum

The number of USB-I/O Boards which are capable of digital and analog I/O are increasing. One of them is the VELLEMAN K8055.The presentation will show how to make this particular USB board work with eComstation using Wim Brul's USB driver. A demo application, written in VX-REXX, provides an impression how to measure voltages via two input channels and how to apply two analog output lines easily....

DEV02 Extending Applications with REXX

Thursday 11:00 Bochum
Friday 11:00 Bochum

REXX is not only the preferred script language for the eComStation product, it is a convenient and easy way of providing user extensions to applications. This session gives an insight into how REXX scripts can be integrated and how data can be provided to and received from REXX scripts. It also shows examples of popular applications, such as the Wireless LAN Monitor and DFSee.

DEV03 Advanced Automated Deinstallation Procedures with WarpIN

Thursday 14:00 Bochum
Friday 15:00 Bochum

When deinstalling software with WarpIN, the user is required to select the respective packages to be uninstalled within the WarpIN GUI. A deinstallation can be automated with the so-called CID feature only when the response file is being created by the user, from the original WarpIN installation archive file. Although currently not designed and implemented, WarpIN could easily deinstall installed...

DEV04 DevCon: Libraries, Guidelines, and Ideas for Developers

Saturday 10:00 Bochum
Friday 17:15 Bochum
No presentation handouts available yet

This presentation reviews libraries and toolkits for developers of eComStation software. In addition, it provides an overview of new PM controls. Afterwards, the needs of users and ways to join efforts and to achieve success on the eCS market are discussed.

DEV05 An introduction to Perl

Saturday 11:00 Bochum
Thursday 10:00 Bochum

This session gives a basic overview of the Perl programming language. It will detail basic data types, logic structures and will include live examples of the power of the language including regular expressions. Attendees will be expected to know basic programming principles - I will not be spending half the time explaining what a loop is. :-) REXX knowledge would be useful although not...

WSH01 The Web Site and the Vexatious Law — An Overwiew, Also to the Internet Law

Thursday 11:00 Rügen
Friday 10:00 Rügen
No presentation handouts available yet

The workshop with its four parts offers a choice of the points of contact between a web site and German law. As an overwiew with examples it refers to normal users as well as to personnel of the internet branch. It is not a legal scientific examination. The four parts depend partly on each other. Their titles are:Legal basics to web sites and Internet law in general, special information...

INT01 An Introduction to Test Automation for Web Applications

Thursday 15:00 Bochum
Friday 12:00 Bochum

Today, test automation usually is an important aspect of a quality assurance stragegy for web application development. The talk will give an introduction to methods and tools for functional web application test automation. It will be demonstrated, how simple test cases are implemented and executed using open source tools like Selenium or Canoo Webtest. Advantages and common pitfalls of test...