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Stralsund can be reached in a number of ways. Please see below for detailed information.

Approximate times of travel
City By train By plane and train By ferry and train
Amsterdam 9 h 4,5 h  
Barcelona   6 h  
Berlin 3 h    
Brussels 10 h 4,5 h  
Cologne 7,5 h 4 h  
Gedser     4 h
Hamburg 3 h    
London 14 h 5 h  
Munich 9 h    
New York   12 h  
Prague 9 h 5 h  
Trelleborg     6 h
Zurich 10,5 h 5 h  

By Train

Your destination is Stralsund, Central Station. In German, this is either Stralsund Hauptbahnhof or, abbreviated, Stralsund Hbf. Direct connections are available from, e.g., Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Praha-Holesovice, Stuttgart, Wien, and the Rhine-Ruhr area.

There are also some Sleeper Trains available with the destination Berlin which enables you to get to Stalsund having a pleasant time as the major part of the journey is done while sleeping.


Please note that Deutsche Bahn offers a number of rebates.

If start and destination are inside Germany:

  • “Sparpreis 25” and “Sparpreis 50”: If tickets for the round trip are ordered at least 3 days in advance, up to 50% for the first person, an additional 50% for up to 4 fellow travellers, and your children under 15 are included for free. Be sure to order as soon as possible because only a limited amount of these tickets is available per train.
  • “Dauer-Special”: If ordered at least 3 days in advance, a single ride in the second class is available at 29 EUR for the first person. Up to 4 fellow travellers can be included for an additional 10 EUR per traveller. If you want to travel first-class, the first person is 49 EUR with 20 EUR per additional traveller for up to 3 fellow travellers.

If your journey starts outside Germany:

  • “Europa-Spezial”: This is available for several countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czechia, Slowakia, Hungaria, Slowenia, and Croatia.
  • “London-Spezial”: a second-class one-way ticket is 49 EUR per person, and first-class 99 EUR. Children below 15 get an additional rebate.
  • “Surf&Rail International Polen”: special rates for one-way tickets between 19 and 39 EUR per person are available to Berlin from Wroclaw, Kraków, Poznań, and Warszawa.
  • “Sparpreis Europa”: If booked at least 3 days in advance, varying rebates are available for connections to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

In Stralsund

From Stralsund Central Station take a the bus line 4 and exit at the stop Lilienthalstraße. The hotel is approxmiately 300 m ahead of you. Just follow the road in the driving direction of the bus.

By Car

If you plan to travel by car, please use a navigation system or the map below to obtain driving directions.

Distance to Stralsund by car
City Distance   City Distance
Berlin 268 km   Kopenhagen 316 km
Hamburg 275 km   Mladá Boleslav 662 km
Dresden 460 km   Amsterdam 732 km
Düsseldorf 677 km   Oslo 768 km
Frankfurt 762 km   Stockholm 820 km
München 858 km   Brno 824 km
Trier 880 km   St. Petersburg 1500 km

By Plane

There are several possible destination airports: Berlin, Hamburg, and the smaller Rostock-Laage. Rostock-Laage could be interesting for visitors flying from Barcelona, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, Wien, or Zürich.


Berlin has two airports, Berlin-Schönefeld and Berlin-Tegel.

  • Berlin-Schönefeld: Leave the terminal and walk to the railway station Berlin-Schönefeld. This is approximately 400 m by foot. Take the AirportExpress to Berlin Central Station, called Berlin Hauptbahnhof or, abbreviated, Berlin Hbf.
  • Berlin-Tegel: Leave the terminal and take the bus line TXL to Berlin Central Station, called Berlin Hauptbahnhof or, abbreviated, Berlin Hbf.

From there, you need to take a train to Stralsund. For more information see By Train.


Leave the terminal and go to the railway station called “Hamburg Airport (Flughafen).” Take the train line S1 to Hamburg Central Station, which is called Hamburg Hauptbahnhof or, abbreviated, Hamburg Hbf.

From there, you need to take a train to Stralsund. For more information see By Train.


Leave the terminal and go to the bus stop. There are two possible ways to go on:

  • Take the bus line 127 to “Stadthalle/ZOB”. Depending on the time of day, you need to:

    • change to bus line 22 to “Hauptbahnhof Nord” at the “Weißes Kreuz” stop. Exit at “Hauptbahnhof Nord.”
    • change to tram line 6 to “Mensa” at the “Steintor IHK” stop. Exit at “Rostock Hauptbahnhof.”

    From there, you need to take a train to Stralsund. For more information see By Train.

  • Take the AIRPORTshuttle bus to Stralsund. Note that this needs to be booked separately and in advance!

By Ferry

Visitors from Scandinavia and Russia may want to consider covering a part of the distance by ferry or ship.

The prices given below are for a single ride with one car. Some connections can also be booked without a car, and there often are special offers with considerable rebates. It is highly recommended to book online.

Ferry Connections
Ports Time of travel Frequency Price Contact
Rostock - Gedser (Denmark) 1:45 h approx. every 2 hours 75 EUR Scandlines
Sasnitz - Ronne (Denmark) 3:30 h once a day 134 EUR Scandlines
Rostock - Trelleborg (Sweden) 5:45 h day, 7:30 h night 3x day, 1x night 160 EUR day, 175 EUR night Scandlines, TT Line
Sassnitz / Mukran - Trelleborg (Sweden) 4 h 4x day, 1x night 134 EUR Scandlines
Rostock - Helsinki (Finland) 26 h 4x per week starting at 73 EUR Tallink Silja
Rostock - Ventspils (Latvia) 28 h 4x a week starting at 135 EUR Scandlines
Sassnitz - St. Petersburg (Russia), not a ferry but cabin on a freighter   3x a week   Finnlines / Trans Russia Express