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Railway Station to Hotel

After your arrival at Stralsund Central Station, enter and pass the station hall. In most cases you can simply go straight ahead towards it. Only if you have arrived at platform 5 or 6, you will have to use the undercrossing to get to the main area first.

Those, who have questions about their return connections, find help at the information desk inside the station hall or at the “ReiseZentrum” nearby.

In front of the main entrance on the other side of the hall you can find taxi cabs. The fare for a taxi ride is about 10 Euro.

If you want  to go by bus, turn to the right and follow the street; after almost 40 m you find a ticket machine at the end of the station building. In the buses there are  ticket machines as well, but it is highly recommended to buy your tickets outside. Be aware that all machines only accept coins. You have to choose the kind of the ticket first. Use the adequate buttom of the left row, then pay the indicated fare. The fare for a single ticket—called “Einzelfahrkarte”—is 1.70 €; a 2-way-ticket—called “2-Fahrten-Karte”—costs 2.90 €.
Please note that if you choose a 2-way-ticket, your first ride is automatically validated. If you chose a single ticket or use the 2-way-ticket for the second time, you have to validate your ticket on your own inside the busses.

To get to the stages you must pass the little tunnel now. The correct stage is that for busses of line no. 4, direction “Viermorgen.” Just enter a bus, relax  and enjoy your first impressions of Stralsund during the next minutes. When the bus passes the station “Krankenhaus am Sund” you should gear yourself for leaving the bus soon. After a few minutes time, you'll arrive at the stop “Lilienthalstraße” where you have to leave the bus. Now look at the driving direction of the bus; you can catch  sight of a small red hut. This is the entrance of the area where Warpstock Europe 2009 takes place. After a little walk of about 200 m you'll arrive at the main entrance (doorman's hut). Just pass it and turn at once to the right. The first building is your destination, „Hotel Rügenblick” where you can find the registration desk of WSE 2009 and your hotel room if booked.

Welcome to Warpstock Europe 2009 in Stralsund!